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Health Plan

Cross-Border Health Benefits

For Companies in San Diego and Imperial County

About Us

The fastest growing HMO in the region...

MediExcel Health Plan offers cross-border health benefits to employers in San Diego and Imperial County, with care delivery in Mexico. Quality care is delivered at our all-inclusive health care campus in Tijuana, and our medical group in Mexicali.


Emergency and Urgent Care is covered in San Diego, Imperial County and around the world.

Our clients choose MediExcel as a low-cost health benefit option alongside their U.S carrier. Our members are employees and their families who benefit from high-quality care delivered in Mexico with more affordable premiums.


Check out our video introduction. For more videos, visit our YouTube channel.

Hear What Our Clients Are Saying


"MediExcel Health Plan has helped our company find a solution to our health benefit needs, while keeping our employees happy.


They provide easy access on both sides of the border and are quick to respond to any of our concerns.

I would definitely recommend MediExcel to any company in 

San Diego.

Shelly Blizzard

HR Director

Superior Abatement Services


"My employees are my number one asset and I want to make sure they are taken care of.


We chose MediExcel so that our employees who live in the U.S. as well as in Mexico are covered on both sides of the border.


It is important to have happy and healthy employees, that’s why we chose MediExcel. It’s just smart.”

Mike Morton Jr.

President & CEO

The Brigantine Restaurants


“We chose MediExcel primarily because of its location in Tijuana. Most of our employees live in Mexico and can easily access care on both sides of the border.


Excellent care at an affordable price and low-cost copays for our employees are the main reasons why I would recommend MediExcel to other businesses.”

Claudia Furlong

Administrative Coordinator

JD Group Logistics

Compliant, Low-Cost, Easy to Implement

MediExcel can be offered alongside your existing U.S. carrier or as a standalone plan.

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Affordable Health Plans for

Small & Large Companies


Affordable Care Act



Licensed by the California

Department of Managed Health Care


Serving over

1,000 Clients


15,000 Members


300+ Brokers

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I Offer MediExcel

with My Current Carrier?

MediExcel can be offered

alongside any HMO carrier.


What Is Your

Coverage Area?

Primary Care is covered in

Tijuana,Tecate and Mexicali.

Emergency and Urgent Care

are covered on both sides

of the border.


Do You Have

Voluntary Plans?

We have Medical, Dental and

Vision voluntary options.

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