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We Help Companies Lower the Costs of Benefits

Without Sacrificing Quality or Access

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More than 63,000 people commute the San Diego/Mexico border daily to work in California. These employees power the local economy in hospitality, manufacturing, agriculture, construction, healthcare and other industries. Many of these employees and their families obtain care in Mexico because it is more affordable and/or they prefer to access care in their native language.

Most of our clients offer MediExcel as a low-cost option alongside their U.S. carrier. We offer Health, Dental and Vision plans for large and small companies that are easy to implement.


If you are interested in lowering your benefit costs or providing a plan that is affordable for all of your employees, we may have the solution for your business.

Why Employers Choose MediExcel

Why Employers Choose MediExcel

California Department of Managed Health Care Annual Report

MediExcel Health Plan continues to lead in member satisfaction with the lowest number of complaints by Health Plan and Category for five years in a row.

ENG CA DMHC 2016-2022 Tables E030824 NRM.png

Check out what our members are saying. For more videos, visit our YouTube channel.

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